Specialists in Software and Electronics Design

Prism Design offers an electronics, software and firmware design service to our clients.

We can provide complete or partial development of new products, improvements to existing products and project management.

We are able to assist our clients with all aspects of technology product design, from concept through to production and beyond.

Our consultants have a wide range of experience in many sectors, including communications, IoT, networking, wireless, gaming, control, user interface, industrial, commercial, and consumer software and electronics.



Embedded, desktop and mobile software design and implementation


User Interface and product design


Electronic systems design, PCB design and layout


Test design and implementation


PC App Development


Desktop applications

Server applications


Mobile App Development



Web App


Firmware Development





Electronics Design

System design

PCB design

PCB layout

Why choose us?

By working closely with our clients from project analysis through to release, we ensure that each solution matches our clients' needs and is able to scale and adapt to future changes and requirements. Our projects are managed using established practices to ensure quality and consistency.


The Directors of Prism Design are Geoff MacDonald and Chris Ford, who do the majority of project management and development. In addition, we can call upon a number of experienced hardware, software, design and branding contractors as required.

Geoff MacDonald

Geoff is a software engineer with a background in electronics. He has been working in the electronics industry since 1989, gaining experience in marine, gaming, manufacturing systems, industrial and consumer electronics, communications, test systems, and project and team management.

He specialises in developing software for systems ranging from 8/16/32 bit microprocessors and controllers with and without real time operating systems, PC based applications, user interfaces and web servers.

Geoff graduated from The University of Hull in 1989 with a 2.1 in Electronic and Communications Engineering

He has worked for a variety of companies, gaining experience in marine electronics, communications, gaming, manufacturing systems, consumer electronics and wireless communications, as well as project and team management.

Geoff has managed and developed technology projects for customers such as Rank Group, Rowntree, Samsung, Amazon and Roku.

Skills and experience
- Specification, design, customer and project management for a variety of commercial sectors -
- Electronic and software design and implementation -
- Embedded, desktop and mobile software design and implementation -
- Test design and implementation -
- User interface and product design -

Chris Ford

Chris is an electronics and software engineer who has been working in electronics development since 1993. He has been responsible for producing a wide variety of designs for clients, from one-offs for exhibitions and sculptures through to high volume manufactured products.

He is an expert in electronics system design, PCB design and layout, user interface and product design as well as experience with embedded software development.



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